Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My first blog


just a week ago i had never consider Blogging. It seam a wait of time. However i admit it. I Was WRONG! there i said. Clearly there is potential in blog. just like i guess i could be wrong about texting. vote is still out on that. So what is David Michaels "Erotica" , well i would say it is a view in side my humble life.

It's my Captain Logo.

Star Date 08.17.2009.
I took a poop and posted some words on a blog!

Anyhow, what i mean to say is that this blog will be my insights to creating a career in photography. my work with clients and models a like. info on good locations, good clients, good models. My ups and my downs.

So as i said i'm a photographer. Shooting for people like Met-Art, Femjoy,Domai, and many others. Heare i will list some of my work with past clients.

let me know

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