Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nathaly (18andbusty)

Back a few years back i did some work for i felt that ht e work was goo for the time. and the models Nathaly has become a bit famous.
Currently i’m working on a new site. called Glamortica. The site will cover a board range of my work form non-nude to erotica. one of the models who will be feature both in photo and video will be Angel AKA Nathaly. with 10,00 of thousand of images never seen before of Nathaly and many other models i feel that my site will bring a interesting piece of paradise to you CPU.


  1. Dude I like the glamortica website - signed up too - but you should probably check out the flash videos. 2 or 3 I clicked of Nathaly/Victoria don't work.

  2. Love Nathaly and your work with her; you write she has gotten a bit famous but I only wish there were more of her!
    Did you shoot her Domai sets? She is just fantastic in outdoor watery settings, a wild jungle woman hanging upside down from branches! Please, more if possible and thank you!